AATFF Festival: Golden Oak Award - Asian-American TV & Film Alliance
Welcome to Asian-American TV & Film Alliance. AATFA operates as a cultural bridge connecting leading American television and film directors, producers, screenwriters, industry investors, and other seasoned professionals with their Asian peers.
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AATFF Festival: Golden Oak Award

Award Ceremony

On the evening of October 27, the 2017 golden oak award ceremony, jointly held by the Asian-American TV & Film Alliance and the New York TV festival, was held at the SVA Theater in New York. Nearly 500 contemporary Chinese and Asian-American creators in TV and film were present and honored in the heart of Manhattan including Xiaogang You, Chairman of China Television Drama Production Industry Association; Lan Huang, producer of 2017’s most popular Chinese TV drama, The First Half of My Life; Bo Li, Vice President of Alibaba Pictures; Jerome Perzigian, Emmy-winning producer and screenwriter; Terence Gray, Founder and Executive Director of the New York Television Festival; Richard Vaczy, Emmy and Golden Globe nominated screenwriter; feature director Michael Mailer; and actress and feature writer/director Ana Asensio, to name just a few. On the evening of the night, the stars of movie and television walked on the red carpet of New York, they boarded the International Honor Hall, passionate.

The star-studded golden oak awards ceremony is a particularly popular event in the US Asia film festival “China day”. “Golden oak award” is the Asian film and television alliance selection, issued by the international awards, recognizes the film made outstanding contributions of the elite, and outstanding works, promote the international platform, film and television of China and the United States cooperation and development. The award is awarded annually, with awards including annual gold producers, producers, writers, directors, best actor and actress, and excellent TV series. “In all the world, whether aesthetically or economically, there are no television or film markets or product-generators more significant than those of Asia and the U.S. Our goal is to promote cross-cultural communication and cooperation between these two mass-media behemoths,” said Mr. Perzigian, co-chairman of the Asian-American Television & Film Alliance.

China is currently the most active production and broadcasting nation in the world and represents the most robust film and television market anywhere. Given today’s rapidly widening avenues of opportunity, the Chinese television industry recognizes a need to attain and maintain higher artistic and industrial standards, scientific regulatory and management systems, and ever-improving talents.

For the first Asian film festival in the United States, the United States Asia film and television union chairman of the joint chiefs of staff, and the media, chairman Jun Qian also think it is for the film and television cultural exchange between the two countries and open a window, and provides a new international stage. “Through the Asian film festival, we will connect each other, let China outstanding film and television works and the Chinese culture from this big platform deeper and wider to the world, also make the American elite, film and television and culture come into China, eastern and western culture each other resonance, for the world to present more and better international film and television works.”

The Asian-American Television & Film Festival is an inaugural celebratory event that will expedite eastern and western cultural communication by providing the Asian-American television and film industry with a gamut of professional services, including financing for international production, co-shooting and marketing, and a general spirit of cooperation and inter-communication. The aim will be to build a high-end, viable, professional and international cultural exchange platform.