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Alliance connects Chinese, US screen talents

By Xu Fan |

An alliance to boost collaboration between Chinese and American movie and television talents has been recently launched in New York, according to the Chinese organizers.

Asian-American TV & Film Alliance, co-chaired by Emmy-winning producer and scriptwriter Jerome Perzigian and the Beijing-based entertainment marketing firm Junhe Media’s founder Qian Jun, was established on May 8.

More than 20 veterans from China and the United States have joined the alliance as advisers, including former HBO executive Stephen Molten and Emmy-nominated producer Richard Vaczy.

The alliance also signed a collaboration agreement with the New York Television Festival on the same day to bring more Chinese television insiders to that event.

“The US wields the world’s most important cultural influence, and so does its TV and film products. It’s the best time for China — and Asian entertainment overall — to embrace increasing communication and collaboration,” says Qian.