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Welcome to Asian-American TV & Film Alliance. AATFA operates as a cultural bridge connecting leading American television and film directors, producers, screenwriters, industry investors, and other seasoned professionals with their Asian peers.
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Stephen Molton

Stephen Molton brings knowledge, proficiency, and experience in various media to the AATFA. Stephen is a novelist, screenwriter, playwright, painter and former cable television executive who has been active, recognized, and productive since his first novel, Brave Talk, was published by Harper & Row in 1987 and was critically extolled.

His first screenplays were for animated shorts, “JoJo’s Blues” and “Mahatma Gander & the Ganges Gang,” written for PBS’s Children’s Television Workshop and produced by Paul Newman. While working on his second novel, he served as a creative executive at HBO, MTV Networks, and Showtime Networks and in 1994 co-directed and produced “L.A. Homefront; The Fires Within,” a Showtime documentary about the 1992 Los Angeles riots, which aired as part of cable television’s nationwide “Voices Against Violence” initiative.

Since then, he has written two tele-features for Showtime, “SmarTalk” and “The Accident,” and two mini-series, “Live By the Sword” and “Weaveworld,” adaptations of books by Gus Russo and Clive Barker, respectively. In 1998, he wrote “Deep Blue” (aka “Stealth”) for New Line Cinema, based on his first novel. His script “The Road to East Jesus” was selected for the Dreamago international screenwriters’ workshop in Sierre, Switzerland. With his wife, Pamela Galvin, he wrote “Heaven Forbid,” a post-9/11 play for The Victory Project at Columbia University. His book, “Brothers in Arms: The Kennedys, the Castros and the Politics of Murder” (co-authored with Gus Russo) won the New York Book Festival prize for history in 2009, and the publisher, Bloomsbury USA, nominated the book for the Pulitzer Prize.

Most recently, Stephen wrote the screenplay for and was an executive producer of the feature film “The Drowning,” a film by Bette Gordon, starring Julia Chiles and Josh Charles. Two new non-fiction books he has completed are pending publication. Stephen is currently an adjunct assistant professor of screenwriting at Columbia University and an instructor at the Jacob Krueger Studio in New York. He has taught at the Tisch School at New York University, at the TV Writers Studio at Long Island University Brooklyn, and at the Mediterranean Film Institute. His work as writer, filmmaker, and artist are ongoing.