Write Your Screenplay - Asian-American TV & Film Alliance
Welcome to Asian-American TV & Film Alliance. AATFA operates as a cultural bridge connecting leading American television and film directors, producers, screenwriters, industry investors, and other seasoned professionals with their Asian peers.
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Write Your Screenplay


Develop your TV Comedy, TV Drama, or Web Series with World Class Teachers & Showrunners
Experience a Real TV Writers Room Environment
Master The Art of the TV Pitch
Learn Advanced Networking Skills
Create a Logline, Pitch & TV Bible For Your Show
Get a 5 Minute Private Pitch Session With a TV Executive
Pitch Your Show To Real Producers at Our Culminating Pitch Party Event


In addition to your 5 minute one-on-one pitch with a TV executive, you’ll also get entry to the culminating event of the retreat, The “Secret Producer”Pitch Party, exclusively for retreat attendees.
Mingling incognito among the crowd will be a bevy of special invitees: TV Producers, Directors, Executives, Agents & Managers at all levels!
For two hours, you’ll practice the skills you’ve developed, pitching your heart out to everyone in the room, with no risk of rejection. If your script is not for them, the producer will simply pitch you their own project, as if they were a writer just like you.
But if you pique their interest, they’ll identify themselves as a “Secret Producer” and request your work.
And in the meantime, you’ll be taking your pitching skills to the next level, not only building potential connections to industry professionals, but also building the connections you need to succeed among your own community of emerging writers.


The only retreat of its kind, with seminars, panels, pitch events, and unique TV workshops run like real TV writers rooms, which foster collaboration between talented student writers and world class showrunners and award winning TV writers. Faculty highlights include:

Jerome Perzigian, the former showrunner of Married With Children, The Jeffersons & The Golden Girls
Steven Molton, a Pulitzer Prize Nominee, acclaimed writer and former Showtime and HBO executive.
Jacob Krueger, Jacob Krueger Studio founder and WGA Paul Selvin Award Winner.
Jessica Hinds, Meditative Writing & Craft guru and Senior Faculty Member at Jacob Krueger Studio.
Karin Partin, Working Indie- TV Writer, Finalist at Sundance, Scriptapalooza,Screencraft and Austin Film Festival, and nominee to the prestigious Sundance Television Lab in 2015.

5-day Intensive Retreat
Bronze Package

  • TV Writing Seminars & Panels
  • Writers Room Writing Workshops
  • Pitch & Networking Workshops
  • TV Bible Writing Workshop
  • Special VIP Writing Area
  • 5 Minute Pitch Session With TV Executive
  • Admission To Pitch Party With TV Producers & Showrunners

Exclusive Parties

ITVFest Content Creator Badge
(Hotel, Meals & Transportation Not Included)

(schedule subject to change)

DAY 1: Wednesday Oct 5
10am-2pm: Arrival & Writing Time
2pm-3pm: Lecture: Setting Your Goals For The Retreat
3pm-5pm: Lecture: Creating, Developing & Selling a TV or Web Series Pilot
5:30pm-7pm: Panel Discussion: What Makes a TV Show or Web Series Successful?
7:30pm-10pm: Retreat Welcome Party

DAY 2: Thursday Oct 6
9am-10am: Lecture: TV & Webseries Structure: The Engine
10:15am-11:15am: Lecture: Documents That Sell: Writing The Logline, The Pitch & The Bible
11:30am-1pm: Writers Room Workshops: Drama & Comedy
1pm-2pm: Lunch
2pm-10pm: ITVFest Screenings, Events, & Panels

DAY 3: Friday Oct 7
9am-10:30 am: Practice Your Pitch Workshops
10:45am-1pm: Writers Room Workshops: Drama & Comedy
1pm-2pm: Lunch
2pm-10pm: ITVFest Screenings, Events, & Panels

DAY 4: Saturday Oct 8
9am-10:30 am: Workshop: Advanced TV Bible Development
10:45am-1pm: Writers Room Workshops: Drama & Comedy
1pm-2pm: Lunch
2pm-6pm: ITVFest Screenings, Events, & Panels
6pm-7pm: Screencraft Showrunner Panel
7pm-10pm: ITVFest Screenings, Events, & Panels

DAY 5: Sunday Oct 9
9am-10:30 am: Advanced Pitch Workshop
10:45am-1pm: Pitch Party with Pro Showrunners & Producers